Tek Power TP9605BT Wireless Multimeter Review

Tek Power TP9605BT Wireless Multimeter Review

For most electricians, no job can be done effectively without a multimeter. In fact, a multimeter is the most important tool any professional electrician should have in his tool cabinet. This is why it is important to select the best multimeter when looking at the market to buy one.

If you intend buying a new multimeter or replacing the old one you have, you may want to consider one of the best in the industry today. Below, we shall have a critical review of the Tek Power Wireless Multimeter pointing out its features, pros and cons.


Do you know that the Tekpower TP9605BT is the world’s first digital multimeter with Cell phone APP connection? Well, now you know. This multimeter is built with two way connection: Android cell phone connection and also connectivity with windows PC via USB.

Grab the Tekpower Android app for cell phone connections and the software app for USB-PC connections. This feature allows you to post or share measurement readings and results on social media or by email. It also displays readings in the form of lists or charts.

The Tekpower TP9605BT wireless multimeter features a fully functional 6000 count true RMS measuring system with intelligent connections, USB and Android cell phone connections. It also has an automatic ranging function with a manual override.

This wireless multimeter comes with a K-type thermo sensor feature that allows you to conduct the temperature measurement during operations. It also comes with an optical USB cable that enables you to connect the meter to your computer.


  • It is convenient – it has an auto-ranging feature which is very convenient and effective
  • It has a great design and quality – The Tekpower meter’s case feels firm and does not get loose. The probes are made with heavy gauge wire and also have brass/metal screw retainers so they don’t strip out like the soft plastic ones when taken apart to change batteries. This leads to a durable product
  • Safety – it posses quality test leads meeting CAT II and CAT III standards. It has a warning sound and light alerts if probes are in the wrong socket when trying to measure something
  • It is affordable – compared to other auto range meters, the Tekpower TP9605BT wireless multimeter is relatively cheaper


  • It uses low quality batteries which jeopardizes the battery life. Although it has auto-shutoff after approximately 15 minutes, the light can be kept much longer with a longer press on the light button
  • Some users have complained that the Tekpower meter consistently fails to turn on at the first attempt but confirm that it eventually does switch on after several attempts


Like we have said before, the Tekpower multimeter is the world first model with cell phone connection. You should also note that the Tekpower Android app download is free and so is the data-logger software for PC connections.

In general, the Tekpower TP9605BT wireless multimeter is one of the cheapest auto-range meter available on the market. Given that it possesses functions and features that other similar or more expensive multimeters lack, it is worth a second look.

It is the best multimeter, especially for amateurs and beginning electricians who want the safest working tool for better job efficiency.



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Rami Ken says July 2, 2016

Does it have a mischeck protection?

    Damion says July 7, 2016

    Hi Rami Ken,
    No, It doesn’t.

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