Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter Review

Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter review

Here is our Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter review. During our time with this meter, we learned that it is truly unique! It features all of the features of a normal multimeter, minus the screen. The Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter uses your smartphone or tablet (IOS or Android device) as the display. This not only allows for easier saving and sharing of your multimeter readings, but also makes for a very light and  compact multimeter.




This multimeter features a smaller than average form factor, yet sports the most commonly seen features among most multimeters, as well as a few more unique features that are less commonly seen. Notable features include: dual channel measurement, voltage to 600V, current to 10A, and resistance range of 20ohms to 20Mohms.

It also features a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to your smartphone or tablet. The IOS and Android apps are both available free of charge on their respective app stores. This is an IEC CAT III meter.

Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter review



  • Dual Reading Support – Simultaneously measure voltage and current, two voltage sources, etc
  • Easy Setup – Automatic pairing once app is installed on your device
  • Accurate – Our comparision tests between this meter and a higher end Fluke showed a high degree of accuracy
  • Batteries are included and preinstalled – Wake the meter by touching the Ohm lead to the Common
  • Graphing Capability – Including the option to graph multiple sources
  • Excellent battery life – We still haven’t had to replace the original batteries – just remember to put the meter to sleep when you’re finished using it
  • Ability to log results to microSD card



  • No physical power switch – device can only be put to sleep via the app
  • Included carrying case, although good quality, is too small thus leaves no room for accessories
  • Documentation is poor – although there is a quality online community that can field questions

Mooshimeter Wireless Multimeter review



This is one of our favorite meters we’ve reviewed recently. Mostly due to the unique app integration and on-screen readings. This no doubt a handy device that also appears to be quality-made. It would be a nice addition to any electrician, engineer, or even hobbyist toolkit. If you are looking for a basic, no-frills, or budget meter however, we would look elsewhere.



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