Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter Review

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter has been designed conveniently and accurately to diagnose different electronic problems both in automotives and in homes appliances.

It is one of the most accurate autoranging multimeters you will see on the market. With its special features, you will be able to easily detect faults and find the perfect solution to any electrical problem in little time. It saves you a whole lot of effort and removes any guesswork when troubleshooting appliances.

This article is will provide a comprehensive review of the INNOVA 3320 multimeter.


The most basic function of this multimeter is the measurement of DC and AC voltage. Other functions and features include audible continuity checker, diode checker function, measuring resistance and the measurement of AC/DC current.

However, one unique feature of the INNOVA multimeter is the fact that it measures up to 200 MA of AC current and 10 amps of DC current. Most people need a multimeter for the measurement of DC current and it is rarely used to measure AC current. This makes the INNOVA 3320 model a worthwhile investment since it has enough DC measuring capacity for most applications.

Because the circuit board of the multimeter makes use of prime spec electrical components, the meter reads very accurately when used for measuring current and resistance. According to most customers who have used the meter, it is the most consistent multimeter ever manufactured. Moreover, it is quite affordable compared to other auto ranging multimeters in its category. Most auto-ranging multimeters of the same price range with this INNOVA model have very slow auto ranging speed. But with INNOVA, you will get accurate and fast measurements which leads to increased efficiency and saves time into the bargain.

It comes with a battery load tester. This is an added advantage if you deal with batteries and sometimes need to test the battery to know its status on the tester that indicates color red for bad, orange for weak and green for good. This provides the best method of ascertaining the proper condition of the battery.

It also comes with detachable chest leads. This gives the device protection against damage in case it is accidentally dropped on the floor. The multimeter also comes with arm straps which enables you to easily slide your arm into the meter and keep it secured while you make measurements. This feature will be very beneficial if you are making measurements on automotive electrical systems.


Below are the reasons why the INNOVA 3320 digital multimeter is the number one choice for most electricians and auto mechanics

  • It has a single testing resistance function for DC and AC voltage
  • It features color coded LED and large digital display for quickly checking battery
  • Its auto ranging feature eliminates the need to manually dial the correct range when measuring AC and DC current
  • It is UL certified manufactured to accurately and safely troubleshoot different household and automotive electrical problems
  • It features protective rubber guard for better protection


  • It can only measure about 200 M Amps. So, it might no be suitable for people looking to measure substantial AC current


There are different types of multimeters on the market today ranging from manual reading meters to autoranging ones. However, the most important things to look for when buying a multimeter are the measuring capacity, versatility, speed and accuracy.

The INNOVA 3320 multimeter scores very highly in this regard. If you are looking for an affordable multimeter that is fast and accurate at all times, the INNOVA 3320 multimeter is the ideal choice for you.




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