Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter Review

fluke 87 true rms multimeter

When there is a need for fast, effective and reliable solutions, the Fluke 87 True RMS multimeter provides you with the most accurate and advanced troubleshooting capacities.

It is the best multimeter that is designed especially to deal with complex signals which enables you to get conjectures and deductive reasoning out of the drive system troubleshooting even in the most complex locations allowing you to gain productivity. The troubleshooting features, resolution, measurement functions and accuracy to solve more problems in industrial mechanical equipment are superior to many other multimeters. Let’s look at the features, pros and cons of this multimeter to see why it is highly rated among seasoned professional and other users of multimeters…


Designed and built in the USA, the Fluke 87V is a piece of kit from one of the top rated tool manufacturers in the world, Fluke. This only assures you that when you decide on purchasing this product then you are deciding to work with nothing but the best. The 87V is designed with a newly modifiable low pass filter which allows for accurate voltage, frequency measurements and current on the either side of the drive system output.

Talking of features, the Fluke 87 V has an inbuilt thermometer which enables users to take temperature measurements without the need of a separate thermometer. It is also designed with a peak max/min that helps you easily capture intermittents at a very high speed. The Fluke 87 V has a dual display resolution of 6000-20000 which enables you to see even the slightest changes in the readings displayed. The large display resolution also makes it easy to read measurements.

Another feature that cannot go unnoticed in the Fluke 87V is its high safety rating of CAT III 100V, CAT IV 600V. Accompanied by a 10A up to 30A fuse connection, this tool couldn’t be safer. It’s designed with an input alert that provides perceptible warning against incorrect input of jacks. It also has an automatic ranging with manual countermand and an analogue bar for fast changing or unstable signals.  The above are the most important features that make this model of multimeter a vital tool for any serious technician who want to be more efficient on the job.


There are many reasons why Fluke 87 V is just the best. Below are some of those reasons:

  • It’s brand and lifetime warranty makes it very trustworthy
  • Safe to use – CAT III 1000-CAT IV 600 safety rating is solid. It’s also tested for 10A up to 30A lead connections which gives you the assurance of safety in whatever electrical job you want to carry out
  • The Fluke 87 V is easy to use. This is characterized by the easy to read large dual display, adjustable low pass filter, inbuilt thermometer and also an access door for fast battery changing
  • It provides unparalleled accuracy because of its selectable filters, input alert system and a peak min/max alert


Just like every other high quality product, this multimeter is not perfect. But its flaws are largely negligible compared to those apparent in many other types of multimeters. Here are some things customers have complained about with the product…

  • It requires you to buy a separate amp clamp to measure amperage on unopened circuits since its clamp amp has a low resolution
  • Some find it relatively expensive

Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter review


The Fluke 87 True RMS multimeter is an excellent multimeter. This is evident from its indisputable accuracy, safety of use, ease of use, convenience, reliability and versatility. It is one tool that is a true all-in-one package. It has great features and a great, durable design as well.

Surely, this is perhaps the best multimeter that you’ll find for the money.

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