Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter Review

fluke 115 compact true-rms digital multimeter

The Fluke corporation once again proves itself as a champion in the market of electronic and application testing tools providing the best multimeter for work efficiency.

With the series of Fluke multimeters, it has once again helped to define and grow an exceptional technology market providing testing and troubleshooting solutions. This in turn has aided a lot in problem-solving and productivity gains in manufacturing and service industries.

The Fluke 115 compact True-RMS digital multimeter is one of Fluke’s tools for field service technicians which is ideal for electrical and electronic test applications. It has several features any experienced electrician will love.

This review is dedicated solely to the Fluke 115 multimeter as we concentrate on its features, pros and cons.


Just like the Fluke 117, the Fluke 115 RMS is also designed with exceptional features and qualities to provide accurate and effective application results. We can say that this multimeter possesses quite similar features to the 117. There is just a slight difference between the two…

The Fluke 115 has a large LED display with backlight that provides you with adequate lighting when you are working in dark places. The large display makes it easy for you to view readings. It also features a maximum voltage AC/DC 600v. It allows you to check continuity, frequency, resistance and capacitance.

This multimeter features an average/max/min which helps you to understand fluctuations in signals. It has a 10A current measurement and 20A overload with 30 seconds momentary. This means that you will have a testing tool with the highest recognized safety standards at your disposal when you opt for this multimeter.



  • Easy to use – the Fluke 115 compact digital multimeter is an easy to use electronic tool. How is this? Well, the LED display shows large digits which are easy to read. The whitish backlight on the display system eases operations in poorly-lit areas. Again, the design and weight makes it fit well on the palm of your hands thus allowing you to freely move with it within the area of operation
  • It’s inexpensive compared to its counterparts in the series
  • Durable – this tool is designed using high quality materials. It has a hard-wearing casing for maximum resistance to wear and tear. It features an overload protection which gives it a longer life. This multimeter also comes with a durable holster and stand
  • Safe – it features a CAT II600 V safety rating. This is one of the safest measuring tools you will ever find based on customers’ reviews. Besides, it has an overload protection that ensures uninterrupted protection


  • The Fluke 115 does not display tenths of milli volts when reading a low DC voltage
  • It also lacks the ability to measure milli amps and micro amps


Generally, the Fluke 115 compact True-RMS digital multimeter is a meter that will give you accurate voltages and current measurements. It comes with lots of accessories, a great manufacturer’s warranty and a nice variety of attachments. If you are looking for the best multimeter, Fluke 115 is surely up there as one of the finest the industry has to offer.

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