Top 5 Best Analogue Multimeters

Before the digital era, all multimeters were analogues.

Both analogue and digital multimeters perform the same functions, but there are some differences between them, which are not really important to the effective functioning of the multimeters.

The major difference is the fact that digital multimeters are easier to use than analogue types.

Analogue meters also have their advantages over their digital counterparts. Analogue meters are more durable and can measure more accurately than some digital multimeters.

The analogue multimeters are designed with an apparatus that looks like a needle, which swings across the scale of the meter. Although, many people are now making use of digital multimeters, there are a number of reasons why some still prefer the analogue model. One of such reasons is the fact that the analogue model reacts quicker than their digital counterpart.

If you would rather opt for an analogue multimeter instead of the digital model, below are the 5 best analogue multimeters in the market for home and industrial use.

1. Simpson Analog Multimeter 260-8 VOM

Multimeters are meant to help you navigate through electrical problems to provide solutions when troubleshooting your appliances. That is exactly what the 260-8 VOM model offers you.

Simpson has remained a leader in the multimeter industry for many years, and its reputation is still strong. This is one of the oldest multimeters in the market and it isn’t a surprise it’s still in high demand today. While some other multimeters will have issues about readings and calibration, this Simpson model is perfectly designed to give you the exact readings that will help you solve any electrical faults with your device.

Whether you need a multimeter for commercial or residential purpose, this multimeter will definitely serve you well. If it is an analogue multimeter you are looking for, there are no better options than the Simpson 260-8 VOM model. For those who want a general purpose multimeter to use in a general industry environment, this is certainly the right meter for you. Its reading accuracy can be compared with the best types of multimeters on the market today. It is the ultimate design for analogue VOM and dependable beyond expectation. With this multimeter, you will be elevated from a novice user to a professional in no time at all once you understand its techniques and controls.

2. Sunwa 8-Function YX360-TRE-B 19-Range Multimeter

Here is another excellent multimeter you will appreciate if you are using a multimeter for general purposes.

With a mirrored scale of 80mm, continuity winkle, tilt back stand, compact sizing, diode protection and 20 versatile ranges, this analogue multimeter is highly effective.

Its accuracy is as high as any other good quality multimeter. The tester is equally strong as well as its battery strength.

When using the multimeter, there are certain things you need to be very sure of such as its reading speed and durability. The Sunwa 8-function multimeter passes these two criteria with flying colors. Because of its accuracy and effectiveness in troubleshooting electrical appliances, the Sumwa multimeter model has maintained very high user ratings on eBay, Amazon and other top quality retail websites.

If you are looking for a multimeter for personal or individual use and not worried about industrial purpose multimeters, this brand is going to serve you well. Moreover, it is one of the least expensive types of multimeters you will ever see for sale. Interestingly, this does not really affect its quality. It has been given 4 stars because of its price, durability and overall accuracy when measuring electrical currents. It is, therefore, highly recommended.

3. Tekpower TP7244L 7-Function Analog Multimeter

There are good multimeters and there are great multimeters.

The Tekpower TP7244L7 falls under the second category. This 20 range multimeter is another excellent product that can guarantee you top notch accuracy. It is great for diode testing, continuity, resistance, DC current and AC/DC voltage.

You have 4 different ranges to choose from when measuring DC voltage under 10 volts. These include 10v, 2.5v, 0.5v, and 0.1v. With the 50 micro amp feature of the multimeter, you can effectively measure current with very little micro amps at 3 percent accuracy.

What are the features that make this model of multimeters stand out among so many other analogue multimeters?

Well, the most basic distinctive feature of the Tekpower TP7244l multimeter is its durability and reading accuracy. It is highly accuracte and perfect for checking DC and AC voltage. Other notable features include zero adjustment, Decibel Value Measurement and back light for dark environments. Its durability is another consideration for lots of customers who wouldn’t want to keep replacing multimeters at all times. No wonder it comes with a 1 year product warranty to give customers assurance of product durability. The multimeter is less expensive and works even better than some other more expensive multimeters. If you are looking for an accurate reading multimeter with accurate and fast readings, the Tekpower TP7244L multimeter is ideal for your needs.

4. Triplett 3030 Classic Analog Voltmeter

This multimeter is a manual ranging meter which can be used to test resistance, DC current, AC/DC voltage to 600v, continuity and decibels.

It comes with diode overload protection and all ranges are protected.

It has a wide range of features such as the two input jacks that help reduce measurement error and the mirrored scale which minimizes parallax error. It also comes with batteries and test leads to help you effectively perform any type of electrical troubleshooting task with ease.

This analogue multimeter can help you diagnose electrical problems in power supplies, wiring and electrical equipment. You can make use of leads, clamps and probes to connect the meter to a device or circuit. You will definitely need a meter if you are looking to diagnose any electrical problem you have with your electrical gadgets. Thankfully, the Triplett 3030 multimeter has all the features needed to provide the perfect measurement.

Apart from its variety of strengths, the meter is also very affordable and quite long-lasting. It can therefore be used by different category of electricians, whether novices or professionals who want the most accurate readings in their applications. It comes with alligator clips, one black and one red teat lead as well as the Triplett Volt Ohm milliammeter.

5. Tekpower TP7040 20-range Analog Multimeter

Here is another outstanding multimeter from the Tekpower brand.

If you are looking for a multimeter that can read quickly to make your troubleshooting task easier and more accurate, this multimeter is the ideal model for you. 

It comes with preinstalled batteries that give the device a very long lifespan.  

One important feature of this multimeter is the resistant scales with stable zero calibration adjustment. It can be used to measure resistance, continuity as well as AC and DC voltage. 

There are many reasons why the Tekpower multimeter has remained so popular among professionals who understand the need for a high quality multimeter for troubleshooting tasks.

One of those reasons is the device’s ability to carry out very small resistance measurement. Also, you don’t need to make any readjustment when using the range selector for measurements.  

Another interesting feature of this multimeter is the DC voltage, which is usually accurate. Again, the device is very easy to operate and will not pose a problem for a novice or a DIY enthusiast.

 It doesn’t come with a screw which means that you will only need to open and take off the holster without bothering about unscrewing. Other excellent features of the product include diode overload protection, a glass meter window that provides better chemical resistance, mirrored scale which minimizes parallax error and 25 measurements ranges.  Overall, if you want troubleshooting equipment where you need to see rapid voltage changes or where small resistance measurements are needed, this multimeter will definitely do the job for you.


A multimeter will always be a friendly tool in the hands of experienced and professional electricians. Even if you are not an electrician, this device can come in handy and save you from a lot of trouble if your car develops an electrical fault in a secluded area.

With a multimeter you can test your faulty appliance to see what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.

As stated above, we have two basic types of multimeters: the analogue and the digital multimeter. They both have their similarities and their differences. Some people will prefer the analogue type over the digital models and vice versa.

Based on their ratings, customer feedback and overall quality, the above are the 5 best multimeters on the market. They have proven beyond reasonable doubts that they are indeed the best. If you are looking for the best analogue multimeters, the above brands will definitely serve you well. They are therefore, highly recommended for any type of electrical or auto troubleshooting tasks.

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